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Dane County Board of Supervisors

Environment, Agriculture, and Natural Resources Committee

The Environment, Agriculture and Natural Resources committee acts as the supervisory committee for University Extension Department, the Land and Water Resources Department and the Lakes & Watershed Commission, and provides policy oversight for the Dane County Parks Commission, and the Dane County Food Council.  The committee advises the County Board on all matters relating to agriculture and the conservation of natural and environmental resources in Dane County.


The committee cooperates with the Dane County Board of Health, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation and the Department of Natural Resources on all matters relating to water resources and pollution control, as appropriate.


The committee also provides policy direction and guides implementation of county planning efforts and organizational structure, reviews current county policies, plans and ordinances related to land use and development, monitors state land use planning, and makes recommendations on land use and development issues to the Executive Committee for the county’s legislative agenda.


For current membership of the Environment, Agriculture, and Natural Resources Committee visit the Legislative Information Center.