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The Dane County Board of Supervisors is a body of government comprised of 37 elected supervisors from each of the districts in the county. The Board acts similarly to the state legislature in that it is the policy-making body of the County government.


Public Input on COVID-19 Priorities



Safer At Home For County Board Meetings


As Dane County continues to monitor and takes action to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 virus, the County Board will be evaluating the need for committee and board meetings.  Standing committees include:

·     Personnel and Finance Committee

·     Public Protection and Judiciary Committee

·     Public Works and Transportation Committee

·     Health and Human Needs

·     Environment Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee

·     Zoning and Land Regulation Committee

·     Executive Committee


Public Health Madison and Dane County advises that the best way to decrease exposure to viruses is to limit the amount of contact with others. 


The County Board will be voted at their 3/19 to make changes so committees are able to meet remotely.  Committee agendas can be found here:, and will contain information for the public to participate remotely.  


The committees of the Board (listed above) will also require any members of the public interested in registering to speak to the committee, to complete a registration form 30 minutes before the start of the meeting.  The link to the form can be found on the committee agendas at: 


If you would like to contact the County Board as a whole the email address is:


If you’d like to contact your County Board Supervisor, their contact information is available here.  If you’re unsure who your County Board Supervisor is, you can find out here


County Board Staff can also be reached at: 608-266-5758. 


Please check for updates as the situation evolves.


UPDATED 3-30-20

Board Meeting Dates

Budget Information

To view agendas of County Board committees considering the budget, click here.

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County Board Press Releases

Supervisory District Maps

County Board Officers

The officers listed below are elected by the Dane County Board from its own members to direct and guide the board. Select the name of an officer to view information.

Office Name District
Chair Analiese Eicher #3
First Vice-Chair Chuck Erickson #13
Second Vice-Chair Kristen Audet #17
Sergeant at Arms Maureen McCarville #22
Sergeant at Arms Anthony Gray #14

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The County Board typically meets twice a month. (additional meetings are called during the fall budget season) The meetings are open to the public.

Redistricting Information

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County Board Mission

To effectively represent the people of Dane County, providing services which secure the blessings of freedom, ensure domestic tranquility, promote the general welfare, and perfect the forms of government.