Board of Supervisors

This page displays the members of the Dane County Board of Supervisors. If you would like to find the supervisor of your district but do not know which district you live in, you can view maps of the supervisory districts. Also, if you would like to direct a question or comment to all supervisors, you can send an e-mail to the following address:

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Photo of Kolar, Mary

Kolar, Mary

District 1
Photo of Wegleitner, Heidi

Wegleitner, Heidi

District 2
Photo of Zweifel, Nick

Zweifel, Nick

District 3
Photo of Kilmer, Richard

Kilmer, Richard

District 4
Photo of Young, Hayley

Young, Hayley

District 5
Photo of Hendrick, John

Hendrick, John

District 6
Photo of Veldran, Matt

Veldran, Matt

District 7
Photo of Bayrd, Carousel

Bayrd, Carousel

District 8
Photo of Nelson, Paul

Nelson, Paul

District 9
Photo of Levin, Jeremy

Levin, Jeremy

District 10
Photo of Matano, Al

Matano, Al

District 11
Photo of Rusk, Paul

Rusk, Paul

District 12
Photo of Erickson, Chuck

Erickson, Chuck

District 13
Photo of Gillis, George

Gillis, George

District 14
Photo of Ferrell, Ronn

Ferrell, Ronn

District 15

Kuhn, Jamie

District 16
Photo of Pertl, Jeff

Pertl, Jeff

District 17
Photo of Ritt, Michele

Ritt, Michele

District 18
Photo of Clausius, Bill

Clausius, Bill

District 19
Photo of O'Loughlin, Dennis

O'Loughlin, Dennis

District 20
Photo of Schauer, Andrew

Schauer, Andrew

District 21
Photo of McCarville, Maureen

McCarville, Maureen

District 22
Photo of Stubbs, Shelia

Stubbs, Shelia

District 23
Photo of Schmidt, Robin

Schmidt, Robin

District 24
Photo of Kiefer, Tim

Kiefer, Tim

District 25
Photo of Corrigan, Sharon

Corrigan, Sharon

District 26
Photo of Krause, Dorothy

Krause, Dorothy

District 27
Photo of Jones, Nikole

Jones, Nikole

District 28
Photo of Ripp, Dave

Ripp, Dave

District 29
Photo of Downing, Patrick

Downing, Patrick

District 30
Photo of Bollig, Jerry

Bollig, Jerry

District 31
Photo of Willett, Michael

Willett, Michael

District 32
Photo of Dye, Jenni

Dye, Jenni

District 33
Photo of Miles, Patrick

Miles, Patrick

District 34
Photo of Chenoweth, Carl

Chenoweth, Carl

District 35
Photo of Williams, Danielle

Williams, Danielle

District 36
Photo of Salov, Bob

Salov, Bob

District 37