Engage Dane

The Dane County Board of Supervisors wants to hear from you!

We want to strengthen community relationships and partner on decision-making.  


The County Board in collaboration with the community, is in the early stages of developing a community engagement plan.  Over the next six months the Board will be going through four major phases to gather feedback and implement new and innovative approaches to engaging with the residents of Dane County.  Follow along as we work together to Engage Dane!

Phase 1: Outreach to community on what we're currently doing, what we can be doing better, and how the community wants to be engaged - Participate in our Engage Dane survey here!

Phase 2: Develop a draft plan based off of community input

Phase 3: Review draft plan with interested community members and the County Board 

Phase 4: Pilot event/approach

For feedback and comments please email: engagedane@countyofdane.com