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Public Works and Transportation Committee

The Public Works and Transportation Committee acts as the supervisory committee for the Department of Public Works, Highway and Transportation, Department of Waste and Renewables, the Dane County Parking Ramp, and the Alliant Energy Center of Dane County.  It also acts as the policy oversight committee for the Dane County Regional Airport Commission, the solid waste and recycling ad hoc subcommittee, the Dane County Zoo Commission, all regional transportation planning, and all rail transit commissions to which the county is a party. 


The committee is the county highway committee under sec. 83.015, Stats., and as such, performs the powers and duties relating to county highways authorized by chapter 83, Wis. Stats., and other applicable statutes, including administering the county trunk highway access control regulations, chapter 79, D.C. Ords and contracting with municipalities for the construction and maintenance of streets in accordance with chapter 25, D.C. Ords.  On its own or through an advisory committee established by the committee or County Board, the committee assures compliance with and exercise the authority set forth in Chapter 54, D.C. Ords., relating to the Alliant Energy Center of Dane County.


The committee advises the county board on all matters relating to building maintenance and the construction, improvement, repair or maintenance of county buildings and grounds, and allocates all space for all units of county government in all county controlled facilities after consultation with affected communities.  The committee oversees the services of architects or engineers for making surveys and estimates of proposed work, oversees the preparation of specifications and letting of bids for public works projects. The committee shall address the space and real estate needs of the county, both short term and long-term, and oversees the development and implementation of sustainable practices for county facilities, including the possible us of alternative energy sources and energy efficient measures in the construction, improvement, repair or maintenance of county buildings and grounds. 


For the current membership of the Public Works and Transportation Committee visit the Legislative Information Center.