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Dane County Board of Supervisors

Personnel and Finance Committee

The Personnel & Finance Committee is the County Board's primary committee for oversight of the county's finances. The Committee considers and make recommendations to the County Board on matters relating to county finances including:

  • The annual county budget, fund transfers, resolutions regarding contracts and land acquisitions, all resolutions and requests for additional personnel, requests for reclassification requiring general fund transfers, and for all new positions for all county departments and agencies;
  • With the cooperation and approval of the County Executive, approves or denies all requests for capital outlay line item transfers in accordance with sec. 65.90(5)(b), Wis. Stats.

The committee acts as the supervisory committee for the Department of Administration, and policy oversight committee for the County Treasurer, the Dane County Library Board, the Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission, Equal Opportunity Commission and the Civil Service Commission; concerns itself with matters relating to questions of wages, benefits, hours and conditions of employment for all county employees and other matters which are subject to collective bargaining, and to make recommendations to the County Board for final approval; concerns itself with matters relating to banks, bonds, the collection of delinquent taxes and the sale of tax-deeded properties and to make reports to the county board; prior to the commencement of bargaining with labor organizations, establish parameters in the negotiation of wages and benefits.


For current membership of the Personnel and Finance Committee visit the Legislative Information Center.