Dane County Budget Process


The Dane County budget process is spread out throughout an entire calendar year, however, the public often sees the process play out in the fall. 

What is the timeline?  What services does Dane County provide?  What is the difference between an operating and capital budget?  

This short video will give you a brief overview of the Dane County budget process.  You can also see a snapshot of the process here.  



A Balancing Act


The Dane County Board of Supervisors is piloting a powerful tool to educate the residents of Dane County around the budget process.


Balancing Act is an online simulation that allows residents to share their priorities for the county’s budget.  The County Board wants to hear from residents about what programs and services are the most important.


Balancing Act allows residents to review and choose from some of the same options the County Board will consider, including cutting expenses or raising revenue. 


The simulation includes information about county departments, the services they provide, and allows users to see how changes affect different areas of the budget.

Click the POLCO box below to be taken to the survey.   

polco card